Zhejiang dream factory 7 to build a full range of entrepreneurial incubation chain

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is now around in order to give many of the entrepreneurs to create a good social environment, have introduced a lot of entrepreneurial measures in Zhejiang are now in full range of build business incubator chain, in order to promote people entrepreneurial activities.

UAV, sedentary tester, electronic chip…… Only 5 months of the establishment of Yinzhou District No. 7, DreamWorks has hit off the factory is a "full house", more than and 10 of the project team, more than 50 guests get together here, brainstorming brainstorming.

"No. 7 now DreamWorks half month can receive more than 20 applications for admission." Park Limited space gradually difficult to meet the huge demand for Yinzhou District through the hatch, enterprises, universities, township (street) resources, enterprises in Colleges and universities, 8 university and Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of technology and Zhejiang Wanli University cooperation, has launched the business students Union Street, business incubator platform, to help more than 50 students completed campus entrepreneurial dreams. At the same time, launched a grass-roots entrepreneurship service in the town streets, such as in Zhonggongmiao street, Ji Shi Gang Zhen, has launched the "employment gas station" and "micro business steward" and other incubation platform will be leased to the free space of low-cost youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial guidance and give assistance.

7 dream factory is a microcosm of Yinzhou District vigorously boost innovation and entrepreneurship. Up to now, Yinzhou District has 246 enterprises in the incubation, a total of 106 graduate enterprises, including high-tech enterprises, municipal science and technology enterprises, the annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan of more than 36.

now build business park in Zhejiang and the different kinds of some college students of business incubators have also further promote the recommendation

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