The invention of the university students to prevent stepping on the wrong brake device and strive to

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every time to see the brakes on the road as a step on the accelerator, passers-by know that this is either a novice on the road, or is the driver. The road killer was born here, a small accident is not terrible, terrible is the cause of disaster.

in the name of the "sail" team, 7 members are 90 college students. "Captain" Chen Dong, is a 94 year old girl. The class has a classmate’s relatives drove out of the accident, because the brake as the accelerator pedal."

step on the accelerator equipment emergency brake

in teacher Ouyang Gang’s help, they developed a set of intelligent correction device, and obtained the national utility model patent. The device is composed of an accelerator pressure sensor, a correction device host and a pressure sensing pedal pad. In the case without the acceleration of the vehicle, if the driver’s right foot in the air or on the accelerator pedal, infrared automatic detection and alarm; if the driver suddenly slammed on the throttle, and the limit is still hard to stampede, intelligent device will move for the judgment of "error" stamp alarm and start the emergency braking of vehicle brake device.

"this device market prospects should be good." Chen Dong said, at present our country pilot training more than 10 million per year, with the improvement of people’s security awareness, the installation of intelligent system to correct the error in the vehicle driving habits, will be subject to people’s attention and favor. In the future, sailing team hopes to cooperate with Changan, Lifan and other car companies, or the use of the Internet customized sales, so the automotive industry, millet".


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