3D TV ten brands list

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now people not only in the theater watching the movie love 3D, even watching TV at home, the same love watch 3D TV, but under the power of science and technology, China can provide 3D TV brand is more and more, to provide more choices to consumers. Next, let Xiaobian together with you to know about the top ten brands 3D TV, so you can choose to do a better reference.

3D TV is a three dimensional stereo video. To allow users to experience the stereo feeling, with 3D TV in many families, now on the market 3D TV is more and more favored by the users, the current 3D TV generally has two kinds: one kind is 3D LCD TV, plasma TV is another 3D. In fact, there are many brands to buy 3D TV can choose, whether foreign or domestic brands brand, users generally buy TV will be considering the price of goods, the following Xiaobian to introduce several good reputation 3D TV brand.

3D TV ten brands list NO.1, SKYWORTH

SKYWORTH 3D TV screen, high resolution, good color, full-featured, sound quality is very good, very fast response speed, in the case of WIFI can use the network to watch the network program.

3D TV ten brands list NO.2, Hisense

Hisense 3D TV overall appearance is simple, good-looking, full-featured, easy to operate, high cost performance, 4K resolution, very clear, very delicate screen, sound is also good, fine workmanship. Remote control is not the traditional sense of remote control, more light and comfortable, the TV is also equipped with Android systems, hardware quality is very powerful.

3D TV ten brands list NO.3, SHARP

SHARP 3D TV is the biggest feature of ultra thin, high-definition picture quality coupled with a more vivid screen color is more attractive to some young people’s attention.

3D TV ten brands list NO.4, TCL

TCL3D TV in the image of the fine to do very well, its 4K TV has a 4 times the resolution of the 1080P. One of the smart cloud TV is the use of an integrated frame and diamond section of the logo design, has become one of the high cost of TV products.

3D TV’s top ten brands NO.5, SONY


SONY 3D TV 3D effect is particularly good

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