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in the current venture market, shop began to become more and more people will choose a form of entrepreneurship. In short, the shop business today is more and more popular, there are many business shop skills, Xiaobian today and share with you six ways to do online business, so they can make more shop operators can be used as reference to improve the operating status of the shop.

do shop business of the six methods one: product classification significantly

in the home page has baby category, careful friends will find each category has a few popular keywords, especially orange, is not very conspicuous? If your baby has these categories, or you are going to sell the baby, it is recommended that you increase the classification, but also improve the way you are searched.

shop to do business in six ways: link

don’t look down on this link, it is a part of the source of your shop. This link should also pay attention to, if others have three or four links, you can make the link with others, you are ranked in the following one, others see the opportunity of smaller, and you also need to analyze the other store content, users would be his users in your potential don’t go to the link. My name is required to do this will be unique, talent shows itself. If you have friends have a website, but also to take advantage of yo.

shop business to do the six methods: forum posting active

posts in the forum, is to increase the store is a good way to browse. The content of the post, will be included. In some forums, women’s channels, for example, there are a lot of content, is the shop owner posted posts, so we post the content is critical. There is concern about their hair posts, if he made a post, reply to others, it is necessary to immediately contact other people, thank you, but also to know more than a store, to establish their own wider circle of communication.

good shop business six method four: specification name

general store take the name, are named according to their own preferences, actually a name related to your store to check the probability of being. We know that the users of online search, most input what you want, such as mobile phone, clothing and other keywords, if your name contains such keywords, it is easy to be searched for others. For example, the "female fashion popular front – romantic house" this name include fashion, female, pop, book a few keywords, of course, different periods can add some appropriate advertisements, such as discounts, promotions, Valentine’s Day "and other words, it is necessary to.

shop business to do the six methods of five: Baby detail >

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