Entrepreneurship is not supported by the family how to do business must read

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wanted to start a business, but the family objected to how to do? This is a lot of entrepreneurs will encounter problems, especially those with a higher education or better work friends, family members will not understand why they want to give up a good job venture venture.

The three method

1, don’t argue. If you are going to give up a law or business degree, a well paid job, or leave your dream of pursuing your own business, you will be able to cause suspicion and criticism from relatives and friends. When you face this situation, do not argue. It will be difficult for them to understand what you are doing for a while, even if they refuse to understand you. An argument should be avoided.

2, to identify the true friendship. Everyone is free to express their views. When you start your journey, you will be a "product" of the five people you are most likely to get along with.

gradually and keep a distance from these negative people and make their own exposure to like-minded friends, to inspire you to those successful place. A true friend will support your goals and help you move forward. If you see people around you who don’t give you support, admit it and move on with your life. Take the initiative, like-minded people will go with you.

3, deep plowing. Explain to your family that you will regret it if you don’t pursue it. It’s a feeling that anyone can feel.

if you in a certain period of time did not get their desired results, your family will want you to give up, if you have.

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