After the collection of stolen female identity theft stolen stolen female identity card was arrested

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collection of stolen woman identity revealed the secret arrest. A man in woman steal property, admired the stolen woman’s ID and not discard and treasure, did not expect the results but so was the police found the night watch is the initiator of evil theft.

2 the morning of 21 August 3, Cihhuei Tun Wang sneaked into the lives of young women Chen family, Chen will be stolen after entering the sliding door in the living room on the table with a 4000 yuan in cash and 3 bank cards and ID cards and other items of the wallet. Cash for gambling, and because of the identity of the woman’s license is very handsome, Wang reluctant to throw away, and the other 3 bank cards together in their wallet, from time to time to come out to enjoy.

3 found the man theft in the morning of 1 August 3, Dongxihu branch of Changqing Street police patrol police Wang Qiong, Wang Weiyu vigil to Dongxihu District near unity village Evergreen Street, found a man sneaking, acting suspicious, then its inventory. No want to check the belongings, found a young woman surnamed ID in the man’s wallet, the police then asked the relevant circumstances to man and woman surnamed Chen ID origin. Men can be secretive, how can say.

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