Advanced cost structure will lead the disruptive change electricity supplier companies

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the current electricity supplier industry smoke is far from calm, a commercial era feudal lords vying for the throne. The new generation of electricity supplier company’s advanced cost structure model is a play disruptive change, become the key to winning.

with the success of the Jingdong and Alibaba listed, the next landing sequence of huge financing the U.S. stock market, many media have exclaimed electricity supplier duopoly "Shi" era, as if China electricity supplier pattern has been set. On the contrary, I think the current electricity supplier industry in China is still far from the smoke.

to buy low and sell high power mode, the electricity supplier’s cost structure is the key to decide the outcome of the "survival of the fittest in the hand". Currently, the electricity supplier company cost structure has undergone a disruptive change.

the electricity supplier companies can give full play to the role of social productive forces, to get traffic with the help of social marketing, the use of social logistics and distribution to the distribution of goods; at the same time, they have their own unique positioning, relying on its own positioning, these companies will create their own platform stickiness, tightly stick consumers. They understand the product, knowledge marketing, sales, has a very strong barrier protection. Because this barrier comes from the company’s own products, from the loyalty of the senior user stickiness, but also from the efficient and advanced cost advantage.

that firm size is not too large, they will start from a dozen professional team, so the scale of hundreds of people, and then run into a revenue of tens of millions, tens of million scale enterprises. Such enterprises will achieve the cost of the smallest scale of efficient operation >

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