How to open a business with a small capital medicine health museum the whole

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in fact, the choice of investment in the health of the market, is a very good choice. Because, in our lives, as we continue to improve the demand for health. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, Chinese medicine health museum project, is a very powerful choice!

standardized store management compliance is enough

Lu De Chenghua medicine health museum join headquarters to provide standardized business support for the franchisee, once established in accordance with the standard opening time, opening process guidance, and has many years of professional experience in the market, at the opening of a few days to store health tutor guidance, ensure the successful opening of stores. The other standardized training system, from the date of joining, can enjoy the system training headquarters 7 to 15 days, including the classic project, Chenghua Lude facial body conditioning project, Chinese health project, project and aromatherapy shop management experience and knowledge sharing. A series of standardization, in front of your store encountered problems to help you solve the problem, he worried about the store is not successful operation?


for your training to build the elite army

there is an old saying: "good Wu, soldiers also, use of it, will also will be good, but also the king." It is said that success cannot do without talent, and cultivate good and reasonable use, can let you relax on the road to success and long-term! Lude Chenghua headquarters set up business school set the standard training courses, as you create a professional beauty industry elite. Strong teachers, advanced teaching facilities, rigorous and flexible teaching mode, first-class faculty team, perfect teaching facilities, multimedia teaching environment, practical experience, made from theoretical knowledge to practical technique can obtain perfect learning experience of college! Lude Chenghua coaches have complete education system through the output of Technology Alliance for you to train a health division gold iron


mature business model for many years to allow franchisees to make money easily

Lu De Chenghua – international brand, market operation mode of 20 years, years of summary and achievements of the standard system of hone and mature shop business model, plus Chinese medicine health museum unique alternate franchise management system, Lude their own stores let Chenghua headquarters is simple and easy to do, easy, manager health division also feel relaxed. Chenghua Lude medicine health museum professional health field pilot line brand.

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