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people always like the economic benefits of things, which is reflected in the more obvious aspects of eating, to say that the benefits of food items do not sleep on the buffet. The buffet is very popular in the modern love, some slightly famous cafeteria every day of rest will achieve the effect of bursting with popularity. Good response to the market, but also aroused the enthusiasm of investors to buffet investment. For investors, it must be curious to know that the cafeteria is the most popular this year. Here, to introduce 2016 of the largest investment in the fire of several large cafeteria, hoping to join the business help.

1, the original ecological restaurant

original cafeteria food in their food supply chain innovation, powerful joint and ecological park, planting vegetables, meat and other agricultural products by probiotic technology, comprehensive cooperative breeding, processing and sales, to create a healthy diet concept from farm to table.

service standardization, digitization, the guests into the store, such as seat, chair, take meal, eat, buy, shop etc. every link has extremely accurate service marks, let guest feel the five-star service, cafeteria food original achievement music stores good reputation.

2, gold Hanting Korean self rinse baking

gold Hanting Korean self rinse roast adhere to the Korean court with the concept of health, delicious, health, safety and the trend of green environmental protection, health, Health launched the Korean barbecue, the praise of customers.

gold Hanting Korean self rinse roast to health, nutrition as a starting point, fashion and health "delicacy complex to build the perfect fast food industry". All the food with fresh and delicious, healthy nutrition features, to bring the best of all diners enjoy the delicacy, more comfortable dining environment, safe hygiene standards, quick service and reasonable price are firmly attracted all the diners.

3, collar steak buffet

excellent Teppanyaki, beef sauce, cream, led the emperor to join the French chef cordon steak buffet jointly developed for many years, continuously improve the production process, a comprehensive innovation of the dishes, the great rejuvenation of the French royal banquet to bring the Western-style food!

collar emperor steak has a strong self collar lobby, kitchen training team, training system provide the most professional service, for customers, ensure the quality of products and services in every store!

4, 800 meters deep sea seafood buffet

deep sea 800 meters is China’s first focus on providing high quality seafood buffet restaurant brand. The restaurant is designed to use fresh ingredients, comfortable environment, reasonable price, health

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