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accounted for some small cheap, which has become almost everyone’s psychology in the current, so doing business may wish to let customers account for some small cheap. A take my son to the clothing store to buy clothes at the weekend, his son took a fancy to a sweater and a pair of jeans. I used to sell clothes, know how much profit, so in the bargain, I took out a lot of customers love to use the killer – 150 yuan! 150 yuan do not sell even, I went to the front of the store to see."

to come and go, when it is to help you with the purchase of two, clearance price, not to sell you money. To your friends can not say that the price to buy, according to the price to sell me on the loss." I did not expect this really works, the boss finally compromise, I satisfied with the return.

actually, I know the boss can not do not make money, but deliberately let me think of the "cheap"". I do not really care about how much money saved, but in order to enjoy the "cheap" after a little joy.

in the daily operation, I often use some customers love "cheap" psychological selling goods. Used to sell electric toys and alarm when the price is relatively low, the profit is not high, the battery is matched, in addition to the money, but some customers do not buy it: "boss, people buy alarm clock, buy electric toy stores are free of charge of battery."

"sorry, you also see that the battery is installed on my own, the manufacturers do not match the battery……" However, no matter how I explain, can not satisfy the customer. Some customers can not accept their own money to buy batteries, then angrily left. In order to retain customers, and then encountered such a situation, I had to reluctantly.

later, I caught some customers love "bargain" mentality, to discuss the electric toys or alarm clock and supplier price, the battery for giveaway, let the supplier undertakes to provide this preferential cost for customers. It not only guarantees my profit, but also allows the customer to be satisfied.

if there is a cheap can be accounted for, I believe almost no one will give up. Although there is no "free lunch", almost everyone wants to have a free lunch". In this regard, we might as well allow customers to properly account for the small cheap, eat free lunch, with small profits to retain more customers. Discount, gifts…… All kinds of small cheap can make customers feel happy, satisfied, and thus become our repeat customers.

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