mprove the city’s Municipal Seismological Bureau earthquake quick report network

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Earthquake quick report is after the earthquake disaster information rapid reporting, is an indispensable part of earthquake emergency work

earthquake quick report after the earthquake disaster information will be rapid reporting, is an indispensable part of earthquake emergency work. The earthquake disaster reporting network is composed of earthquake quick report and all levels of earthquake disaster reporting platform. In the earthquake disaster disaster reporting network information reporting at the most basic level, as the nervous system of the body’s nerve endings, is the basis for earthquake disaster reporting network, play a key role to replace the general people in reporting and emergency disaster relief. Since 2007 the city disaster reporting network built, earthquake disaster reduction work conference held annually by the assistant, and constantly improve the disaster reporting mechanism, training and work arrangements for reporting staff, improve reporting staff business skills, strengthen the sense of responsibility to keep to the concept of all-time preparedness. Ensure that once the earthquake disaster, can quickly and thoroughly investigate and understand the local situation, provide timely and effective disaster information for the government rescue and disaster relief decision-making.

for inspection of our city earthquake disaster reporting network is smooth, the Municipal Seismological Bureau to carry out an inspection of the city’s earthquake quick report and emergency communication network, the existing power supply equipment, field work etc.. The Earthquake Bureau actively communicate City township streets, for earthquake disaster prevention and mitigation disaster reporting staff assistant that has replaced the township streets of the responsibility to implement, and in August 25th completed the new disaster reporting staff contact list, to further improve the city’s earthquake disaster reporting network, to ensure the disaster information reporting channels.



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