North District Bureau of justice actively participate in the 6 26 international anti drug propaganda

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in order to conscientiously implement the "People’s Republic of China anti drug law", to promote the work of our region further improve the national drug control, anti-virus, Judu, anti drug awareness and curb drug crimes, in the "6.26 International Narcotics day, my bureau deployment, according to the anti drug committee arrangements in June 26th in Chaoyang Square to carry out the" 6.26 International Narcotics day "campaign.
the main event to take banners, distributing leaflets, send text messages, the mobile phone set up desk, dispatched trucks to form close to the life of the masses, effectively attract the masses to participate in the anti drug activities, so as to achieve the harm of drugs to teach people, let the people know each other, to drugs, stay away from drugs, to create a strong atmosphere of the legal system to maintain social stability. At the same time, take the favorable opportunity of the people’s mediation, legal aid, community correction and "65" law popularization work carried out publicity, were placed in panels 10, more than 1200 copies of promotional materials, and provided legal advice to more than 80 people, received good publicity.
by carry out the anti drug campaign, the cadres and masses of my area on drugs to the harm brought by family and society have a more profound understanding of the region, for the comprehensive and effective drug control work carried out and laid the foundation for the realization of our region, create a "non-toxic target to create a good social atmosphere.


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