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from Shuangmiao village of Changning Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County town along the highway along the highway on both sides of a row of neat clean greenhouse is blooming in the land of Beichuan a bunch of edelweiss, translucent crystal, scintillating, the infinite charm is Datong modern agricultural park show.

in recent years, the county government’s efforts to change the mode of economic development, constantly optimize the industrial structure, accelerate the process of transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, successful exploration of the agricultural development of an agricultural facilities, industrial scale, circulation, product branding, market sales of the "Five" the synchronization of modern road, set a good example for the adjustment of agricultural structure and the development of modern agriculture.

five sync to create a new model of modern agriculture in Datong

Datong "enterprise production, large-scale operation, brand sales, market financing and other industrial advanced concepts into all aspects of agricultural production, processing and sales, attract social capital through investment of about 800 million yuan, have been completed, with a source, Feng Jiaxing, Shennong 15 agricultural industry demonstration bases and parks. In agriculture and aquaculture as the focus, expand the scale of development, improve the agricultural facilities and agricultural infrastructure conditions, the total size of the county in 2012 greenhouse reached 21 thousand tons, the production area of 21 thousand acres of vegetable. Greenhouse vegetable production reached 105 thousand tons, total vegetable output exceeded 260 thousand tons. The number of livestock shed up to 37 thousand and 600 buildings of 1 million 560 thousand square meters, 380 thousand years fattening slaughter meat animal head (only), meat production reached 31 thousand and 400 tons. Through multiple channels to increase agricultural infrastructure investment, mutual adaptation and continue to strengthen agricultural infrastructure supporting facilities, machinery and equipment and production conditions, to accelerate the integration of the application of biotechnology, engineering technology and information technology in facility agriculture, promote the development of agricultural facilities scale, quality and production efficiency.

by the end of 2012, Datong County a total circulation of 14 thousand acres of land, 11 thousand concentrated solar greenhouse industry zone is formed in a pair of new highway, led farmers to more than 10 thousand more than 40 thousand people, an annual output of more than 50 thousand tons of vegetables, the annual total income of 250 million yuan, and built a Fengyuan, Jiaxing, HSBC, flowers 12 facilities for agricultural demonstration park. County focus on contiguous planting base reached 41, planting area of up to 165 thousand acres. Built large-scale breeding base 53, slaughter all kinds of livestock in the year of 240 thousand (only).

2010, Datong County was identified as the National Energy Bureau of green energy county. With straw, manure and other agricultural solid waste recycling, as well as the promotion of soil testing and fertilizer and other ecological cycle mode of production, the county formed a circular agriculture with science and technology, environmental protection, economic development pattern to achieve mutual support, positive interaction. At the end of 2012, the county rural household biogas number reached 24 thousand and 200, completed three years to a pool of "23 thousand biogas digesters, effectively promoting the construction of ecological agriculture demonstration park in the county, the combination of farming and agriculture and animal husbandry, complementary to agriculture;

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