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August 27th, the reporter learned from the Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd., in order to improve the operating pressure of the provincial capital of some bus lines brought about by the old vehicles, Xining bus company intends to replace a number of old buses.Guo Rui, deputy director of the Xining bus company operating safety department, said: at present, the bus company in addition to 9 Road, the road and the 5 line of the 2, the remaining are old vehicles. Among them, the longest life of the bus has been running for 12 years. To this end, the Xining municipal government subsidies part of the funds, the Xining public transport company raised part of the funds, intends to update a number of vehicles, a total of two hundred buses, will be in place in October." It is reported that the purchase of a general configuration of the bus requires about three hundred thousand yuan, so the provincial capital of the bus replacement rate is slower. (author: Wei Jinyu)


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