Western newborn two disease screening can be reimbursed

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specification for neonatal screening, screening to expand coverage, improve population quality, reduce the incidence of birth defects, and the Baojian Railway Station West District Xining city actively carry out neonatal screening, and reimbursement for area residents in two neonatal disease (congenital hypothyroidism, congenital phenylketonuria) costs associated with screening.

May 6th, reporters from the Baojian Railway Station West District Maternal and child to understand, since December 2012 to carry out the work of neonatal screening and the Baojian Railway Station west area of province, the West Baojian Railway Station District Maternal and child disease screening a total of nearly seven hundred newborns, including the suspected children, the Provincial Maternal and child health hospital to check again, and regular follow-up of the situation.

all neonates in the West District, can carry the original proof of residence, and a copy of the two disease (congenital hypothyroidism, congenital phenylketonuria screening fee receipt) to Baojian Railway Station West District Maternal and child two neonatal disease screening fee reimbursement. (author: Yuan Zhen)

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