Wang Jianjun stressed the need to actively promote the cultivation of good nternet users in Qinghai

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9 19, 2016 Qinghai network security awareness week launch ceremony held in our city. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, provincial network security and information technology leading group executive vice president Wang Jianjun attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech. He stressed that the network space is the common people’s spiritual home, network space, The sky is clear and bright. good ecology, the interests of the people. Innovation to improve online positive publicity, always adhere to the positive energy and control is needed, willing to work together for the construction of people’s age, people, culture, integrity and the rule of law, security, innovation network space, make up cyberspace cool and bright. Vice governor Cheng Lihua attended the launching ceremony.

Wang Jianjun, in Qinghai province network security awareness week launch ceremony. Wang Qiong photo

Wang Jianjun pointed out that the network channel business on behalf of the new productivity, new development direction, is the inevitable choice of the two one hundred years’ goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream, to guide people to correctly understand and actively with the Internet channel business; network is a "double-edged sword", good use of national security, social harmony and people’s happiness, use well, affect the national security, social stability and people’s well-being, we should actively cultivate Qinghai netizen, guide every citizen standing in the party concerned to maintain network security, not blindly, not blindly, do not blindly, always maintain network security to understand people, always be a good netizen; no special citizens in the rule of law on the balance, there is no place outside of the law in the network space, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, but also to fight against network Network crimes, adhere to the rule of law network, maintaining network security is the bottom line, no one has broken the bottom line right.

Wang Jianjun stressed that network security is facing the world multi polarization and economic globalization, cultural diversity, social information challenge, must establish the management system of legal norms, administrative supervision, the combination of industry self-regulation, technical support, public supervision, social education. Party committees and government policies to improve and perfect the legal system, strengthen law enforcement, to combat crime, promote the network space law; Internet companies need to assume social responsibility, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Internet users; network society organizations should strengthen self-discipline, promote the construction of Internet credit system; new media representatives, experts and scholars, practitioners should play an active role in the network and strive to create a good atmosphere for the participation of the whole society, build defense, concerted efforts to maintain network security.

After the

launch ceremony, Wang Jianjun, Cheng Lihua and relevant departments responsible comrades visited the network security exhibition.

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