Rigid quantification to promote the two responsibilities fine implementation

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Issued the "implementation measures on the implementation of the main responsibility of Party committees and discipline inspection oversight responsibilities honest government committee on" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), will focus on building the whole chain through the rigid quantitative closed-loop system, the responsibility to implement. The "measures" will be "the main responsibility of the Party committee" divided into Party leadership responsibility, members of the leadership responsibility of Party committees, the main person responsible for the liability of three levels, the 11 party the main responsibility, strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen supervision and inspection, with selected cadres, grasp style building, leadership and support, further investigating the case the source of governance, strengthening the power restriction and supervision, strict liability assessment, strengthen inner-party supervision, strengthening propaganda and education, support and coordination of inspections and other superiors; "the Party committee is mainly responsible for liability including promoting the Department of honest government work in this area is 5; the Party leadership team members including responsibility" to strengthen the daily supervision of a total of 4 item. According to the "measures" listed in the "list", the oversight responsibilities discipline including maintaining Party discipline, strengthen supervision and inspection, the style construction of the party to investigate illegal cases, play the supervisory role of the specialized agencies, strengthen the construction of anti-corruption system 5. In addition, the approach also proposed a clean talk system and other 7 mechanisms for the implementation of the responsibility.  

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