Xining strict quality standard entry of moon cakes

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the afternoon of September 3rd, the Xining Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yan Shujiang in the city of industry, commerce, food and Drug Administration and other departments responsible persons accompanied by city of Xining on the eve of Mid Autumn Festival moon cake market to carry out supervision and inspection.

Yan Shujiang, production and business enterprises must strictly control the quality of moon cake, moon cake will ensure the supply to the people without any problems; law enforcement departments should strictly access, strengthen supervision and inspection, to ensure that people can have a safe and happy mid autumn festival.

Yan Shujiang party first came to the Xining Love Food Co. Ltd., in the control room of the company, Yan Shujiang with listening to the staff of the moon cake production process is introduced, and asked questions of safety in production process of the entire moon staff. For Shujiang Yan care about "the staff in the production area will be disinfected?" Moon cake ingredients are how to configure? Storage compliance?" And other issues, the company responsible person one answer. Yan Shujiang fully affirmed the company in accordance with the requirements of standardized management and standardize the management behavior. He said, with the standard of living is greatly improved, and now the people demand for moon cake, the cake is also growing, as the production side, the company must establish more strict measures, strict raw material production, processing, storage, transportation and other layers of links, to ensure that people eat it.

then, Yan Shujiang line also visited the whole process of making green Haining food group’s moon cake scene, and the sales of different kinds of mooncakes, Wangfujing supermarket price survey.


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