The province’s agricultural insurance coverage continues to expand

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this year, the new ideas of Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau in accordance with the development of radiation to the point, contiguous expansion "," expansion of agricultural insurance, and increase the product standard ", the province’s agricultural insurance coverage continues to expand.

this year, Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Qinghai Tibetan sheep, yak insurance area increased in Chengduo county and Dulan County, Gande county. Currently a total of six counties in four states run. Forest insurance plans to cover an area of 1 million 578 thousand hectares, an increase of 10.2%. In order to improve the level of insurance coverage, the insurance amount of cow insurance increased from 4000 yuan to $10000; the economic value of the Chinese wolfberry economic forest increased from $1000 to $800.

at the same time, this year to continue in Xining City Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three counties, to carry out the leading enterprises, family farms and large plantations of new agricultural business entities for the protection of the object of the vegetable price index insurance pilot, the choice of the market price fluctuation of carrots, cabbage and sweet blue pilot varieties.


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