Provincial government held 1 to April the analysis of the situation of industrial economic operatio

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May 11th, the provincial government held 1 to April, the analysis of the situation of industrial economic operation, vice governor Wang Liming presided over and spoke.

meeting that, from 1 to April, the province’s efforts to improve the quality of the industrial economy, optimize the supply of industrial electricity, strengthen investment coordination services, the industrial economy has shown some positive factors. But we should also clearly see that the growth of industrial economy of our province in key areas is not stable, the price of industrial products is low, the production and operation of enterprises is still difficult, the industrial economy still faces many challenges and pressure.

the meeting pointed out, to further focus, strengthen the elements of security services, accelerate the progress of construction projects, deepening the implementation of various policy measures, the release of the reform dividend, and strive to achieve more than half the time, more than half of the task".

meeting stressed the need to actively promote the structural reform of the supply side, enhance enterprise innovation, vitality and competitiveness. All localities and departments to increase the pressure to maintain stable growth of the industrial economy, to adjust the structure, promote reform and provide space and time. To strengthen the coordination of services, a business strategy to track and coordinate the solution to the problems existing in the project construction, accelerate the construction of projects under construction, urged the project has been put into operation as soon as possible to play a role. Continue to do a good job in economic operation adjustment, do a good job of financing coordination services to ensure that corporate capital needs. Strengthen the support of production factors, do a good job of electricity, logistics and other operational support. To further strengthen the information communication, build industrial docking platform, and constantly improve the pulling effect of investment on the industry, continue to maintain the steady growth of the industrial economy situation.


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