The cause of supernumerary personnel into the pension insurance category

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In August 3rd, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security to our province recently issued a "notice" on the further strengthening of the organs and institutions of staff to participate in the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees work, our province recruit institutions (recruits) with supernumerary staff, will be included in the basic pension insurance coverage for enterprise employees. Meanwhile, the labor supervision departments at all levels will further intensify supervision and law enforcement efforts, according to the provisions of the insured, refused to pay pension insurance units, according to the law for punishment.

for the protection of our province to recruit institutions (recruits) with supernumerary personnel the interests of workers, our province has issued relevant documents, requiring provincial departments in accordance with national and provincial policies, will be included in the basic pension insurance coverage to the enterprise employees, and to pay the basic old-age insurance in accordance with the provisions of. Has not participated in the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees, from the beginning of the work of the units and individuals from the basic pension insurance. The employer should actively create conditions for the establishment of enterprise annuity for the unit staff.

notification requirements, the provincial departments should earnestly fulfill the system of units, regulatory responsibilities, urge employers for basic old-age pension insurance for enterprise employees of supernumerary staff to pay pension premiums. Social insurance agencies at all levels to the insured institutions supernumerary personnel work as the focus, to take effective measures to expand the coverage of basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees. To conduct a special investigation on the situation of the region institutions supernumerary staff, and will investigate the situation timely feedback to the competent authorities and local labor supervision departments, supervision units and personal insurance.  

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