Xining City West District Xishan two Lane neighborhood for the masses of grief troubles

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can not get real estate license, the owners committee incompetent, property management companies loose, for property companies…… From 2006 onwards, Xining City West District Xishan two lane 3 center tenants continue to fret about such things, finally, which lasted four years, in the ancient city of Taiwan office Kunlun Road West community neighborhood committee repeatedly under the coordination of the courtyard has a property company, the owners get a real estate license and certificate of land.

West District, two West Lane Hospital No. 84 households in, starting in October 2006. Due to the cost of developers in the relevant departments of about three hundred thousand yuan, the courtyard of the real estate license of the household of the 30, the land permits of the 54 long-term. And no real estate license, the child can not learn, quasi birth certificate, residence booklet can not handle, the house can not be sold…… At the same time, the property management company is loose, service is not up to the household demand, the owners of the committee to remove the property company, the hospital more confusion, environmental health dirty, households stolen, stolen cars and other problems have emerged. The interests of tenants have been violated, everyone’s opinion is growing.

September 2008, Quincy community to understand these things, divided into 5 groups of households to investigate the views of residents to understand the situation, and then the two household survey. In the third household survey, 85% of households require the re establishment of the owners committee. After multi-party coordination, residents held a fourth meeting. The meeting unanimously requested by the community to manage the community, the new owners committee members with community work, and put forward the introduction of new property by the community. Faced with the confidence of the residents, neighborhood committees immediately agreed to do this thing for residents. Neighborhood through a variety of channels to find the hospital is willing to take over 3 and qualified property companies for the district introduced two property companies. September 29, 2009, the sixth owners committee, the owners and Property Management Co., Ltd. Xining Huaxin reached an agreement to take over the West Hill Lane 3, No. two.

in July 12th this year, the reporter walked into the west two Lane Hospital No. 3, see the hospital sanitation clean and comfortable. A resident of the hospital changes, thumbs up: thanks to the neighborhood, I am very grateful to community workers."


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