Xining to carry out special inspection of food and drug safety

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January 14th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Food and drug administration, the bureau is once again deployed during the Spring Festival and important food and drug safety supervision work in the provinces and cities. Asked the city’s food and drug supervision and management system to strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen the responsibility to implement, in the basis of the daily supervision and special supervision and inspection of the early, carefully organized "NPC and CPPCC" during the Spring Festival and the provincial food and drug safety supervision and inspection work.

During the special inspection of

, which is composed of 6 special inspection teams dicing lump sum, in view of the weak links and problems at work, refinement measures, strengthen the market analysis and forecasting, increase inspections, serious investigation and elimination of food and drug safety, effective prevention and control of food and drug safety risk, ensure that the important node of food and drug safety. Strengthen the comprehensive management, to further increase the food production, distribution and food service food safety supervision and inspection, to large supermarkets, food production enterprises, medium-sized restaurants, the dinner on New Year’s Eve feeding unit, catering enterprises, collective dining distribution unit, central kitchen, major activities, the reception unit as the key to the implementation of food safety management system. Intensify supervision of law enforcement, strict control of food safety risk. Based on the sampling of third party food safety risk monitoring and supervision, carry out supervision and inspection of food production enterprises on-site supervision and inspection and the main products, increase the health food supervision and sampling frequency, according to the disposal of unqualified products, timely public supervision and sampling information. Supervise the implementation of the new year’s Eve report filing system, to carry out pre supervision and guidance. To strengthen the supervision and inspection of pharmaceutical and medical equipment enterprises, with a focus on examining the legality of the products sold, the channels of purchase, the certificate of cable, the sales ledger and the factory inspection report. Do emergency work to further implement the duty, responsibility, strict work discipline and discipline on duty, grading the establishment of emergency response teams for food and drug safety incidents, maintain food and drug 12331 complaints telephone and holiday duty phone 24 hours smooth and timely in accordance with the acceptance and disposal of food and drug to report complaints, prevent the occurrence of major food and drug safety accidents.


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