Food and beverage enterprises will be severely punished forced consumption

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Focus on price manipulation, to crack down on the alliance agreed to increase fares during the Spring Festival, a special inspection of illegal forced or disguised forced consumers, for the protection of the new year and Spring Festival period of the market order and price stability, with immediate effect, the province to carry out a comprehensive market price supervision and inspection with the necessities of life, transportation and other four areas.

key and agreed alliance price manipulation of the provincial development and Reform Commission departments at all levels to strengthen the requirements of price of grain and other necessities, especially basic varieties of vegetables market price regulation, focus on the operators to use sell accumulation means drive up prices, will use monopoly supply, compulsory agency, agreed Alliance and other means to manipulate the price to be punished.During the Spring Festival

the trade price order rectification will also carry out business retail price order rectification, focus on a larger scale, broader impact of the chain supermarkets, department stores, thorough investigation of original fiction, false discounts and other illegal activities, regulate prices, discounts, gifts and other promotional activities.  

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