80 beautiful jewelry store opened the annual income of 300 thousand

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with high threshold is more and more low, there are a large number of graduates can not find the ideal job every year, at home unemployed, entrepreneurship has become the current hot topic of College students! Today, Xiaobian for everyone to bring a 80 beautiful jewelry store opened, the annual income of 300 thousand story!

a wide decorative exchange Home Furnishing jewelry store, this suggested that Wu Xi move the heart, it is his hobby, the number of items he collected enough to open a shop, he began to examine the market, location, shop. Wu Xi has been fond of Home Furnishing jewelry, often collect some unique things, there are friends to her house to play, said: "you so many things, and a lot of fun in the general market can not find, not open a shop!" After years of research and experience, Wu Xi summed up a few shop operating skills:

If a few girls usually are not buying what, because they can’t settle down to enjoy. "Look, choose the shop not only to see the passenger, also want to see the guest’s economic level and cultural level," said Wu xi. Wu Xi in Futian District shopping plaza also has a small shop, but for various reasons that shop closed. "Not only spectators flow big, to see what people in the passenger flow. Our goods are to be seen slowly, slowly appreciate.


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