Clear 5500 pots of water lilies add Nanchuan river

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in Nanchuan river clear river, a beautiful and graceful lotus bloom, fragrant dark spit! In mid June this year, such a beautiful picture will be presented to the general public. In May 7th, the reporter learned from Xining City Water Conservancy Bureau, through water diversion, dredging, construction of core Island, the water into the first stage of the project project completed, Nanchuan river has shown a rippling clear picture, make people linger.

Nanchuan River (Xining section) through the main city of Xining City, Taiwan is the business district and the public recreation area of downtown, Xining city is an important scenic river, but in recent years, often dried up, so that the river city landscape water circulation. To this end, the municipal government put forward the idea of water into the city, at present this idea has become a reality in Xining.

Nanchuan river rippling river in Xining city will first be not easily won, was used in the rubber dam 12 years into a steel dam, after the ant Ditch Reservoir to clear water, so that the original muddy river flows from the drainage trough hidden, investment of 3 million 200 thousand 80 thousand cubic meters of clean sediment. In April this year in Xining city and try to plant ornamental aquatic plants in Nanchuan River, planted 5500 pots of water lilies and 500 square meters of lotus, lotus is now growing well, in mid June, purple, white lilies floating in the clear water, let the people enjoy. At the same time, the construction unit in Nanchuan river near the central square river construction experimental island in two, the island planted plants riotous with colour ribbon, add color to clear the Nanchuan river.

let the Nanchuan river become a real landscape corridor, the next step in Xining city will implement the Nanchuan river city core section of landscape renovation, the Xining Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau has commissioned the Shanghai Architectural Design Institute of Pudong to develop the project planning. Through the project construction, will enhance the overall image of the Nanchuan River, Nanchuan River showed clear and coastal green, smooth, elegant appearance. (author: small words)

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