Hao Peng stressed unswervingly to the ecological protection priority coordination to promote economi

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from June 2nd to 3, governor Hao Peng made a special trip to the Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qilian two district Menyuan County, ecological protection and construction investigation of Qilian Mountains natural protection, supervision progress development priorities of social and economic conditions. Hao Peng stressed that we should unswervingly take priority to protect the ecological idea of the harmonious social and economic development as the main line of work, and promoting the construction of ecological environmental protection, overall grasp of the development of green industry, poverty alleviation, improving people’s livelihood and other key work, ensure the completion of the annual objectives and tasks.

Qilian Mountains is the Hehuang area, Qaidam Basin is an important freshwater supply, climate is important in Northwest China and the intersection area of sensitive area. Qilian Mountains nature reserve for the protection of ecological environment construction, Hao Peng has been highly concerned about. This time, he has come to e Bao Zhen Huang Cao Gou Cun, eight town Muara river village, Amie East Cable natural forest protection region, inspected the situation of ecological protection and environmental governance in Qilian Mountains area. Amie East cable on the mountain, acres of spruce forest grew well, the basic realization of the green covered hillside, Hao Peng affirmed to a high standard of afforestation, Qilian County Forestry forest management according to law and practice. He pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the tube, protect, seal, education, ban integrated facilities policy, continue to implement a good natural forest protection, afforestation, soil and water conservation projects to promote a virtuous cycle of ecosystems. Qilian in the mountains along the highway, engineering vehicles are using spray sowing technology to grow grass on the road slope, Hao Peng asked in detail about the use of this technical measures. He asked to take the construction of ecological highway as the goal, according to different geological conditions, to take targeted measures to carry out the orderly restoration of vegetation in the slope of the subgrade. In the village of Qilian Mountains is located in the territory of Menyuan natural protection area of Shiyang River Protection District, Hao Peng listened to the protection of ecological environment protection and construction of the overall situation. He stressed that the Qilian Mountains is an important part of the ecological security barrier of China, must be tackling the problem, comprehensive measures to give priority to protection, mainly to co-ordinate the implementation of good natural recovery, natural forest protection, shelterbelt construction, wetland protection, returning farmland to forest and pasture ecological projects, effectively promote the ecological the environment, speed up the pay "score", ensure not owe the "new account".

how to identify the conditions, protect the ecological environment and the development of ecological industry, promote accurate poverty, ensure with the improvement of people’s livelihood, to achieve ecological protection, improving people’s livelihood and regional development of the "win-win", enhance the ability of sustainable development, is an important aspect of the investigation supervision Hao Peng. In E Bao Zhen Huang Cao Gou Cun, served as the village ecological animal husbandry cooperatives chairman of the herdsmen Waterhouse too told the governor, the establishment of cooperatives in 6 years, through the implementation of the livestock and grass planting, cultivating the local livestock forage enclave and organic brands and other measures, not only increase the grass yield and ecological restoration, but also the income of herdsmen growth. Hao Peng affirmed this approach, he hopes the Haibei give full play to the advantages, accelerate the construction of ecological animal husbandry, pastoralists in poverty and protect the grassland ecology.

research, Hao Peng also visited the field of tourism poverty alleviation, tourism and cultural industries, the integration of e-commerce development, the development of entrepreneurship and innovation;

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