Test area 37 financing cooperation agreement signed

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In October 29th, the Qaidam circular economy pilot area in 2014 focused on project promotion and financing bank at the signing ceremony, vice governor, Haixi zhouweishuji, the Qaidam circular economy pilot district Party committee secretary Xin Guobin and other leaders attended the meeting. In the promotion meeting, a total of 37 park infrastructure projects and enterprise project financing cooperation agreement, involving a total amount of $10 billion 546 million. The meeting, the provincial government and the provincial finance department attaches great importance to attract a number of banks and financial institutions to actively participate in the province. The meeting is in the test area of economic development with a lot of difficulties and pressure, the economic downturn, the most severe form of product market downturn in the background held, aimed at all levels of financial institutions to focus on the "double hundred", "two area" construction of key projects and park infrastructure projects, to give a positive credit policy and relatively loose credit scale, to provide industrial park construction, enterprise development, industrial restructuring, project construction with strong financial support for the test area. For the successful convening of the meeting, the Qaidam circular economy pilot area management committee collected a total of 92 financing needs of the project, involving a total of $15 billion 276 million project. After the test area of each department, industrial parks and enterprises and banks repeatedly docking, in this promotion conference, signed a total of park infrastructure projects and project financing cooperation agreement 37, the park infrastructure construction project signed a cooperation agreement in 8, involving 2 billion 84 million yuan of funds; the park enterprises signed a cooperation agreement 17 the project, involving 2 billion 144 million yuan of funds, more than two kinds of protocols work to promote the project from the current situation, have entered the substantive credit approval, credit or withdrawal plan before the end of March 2015. In addition, the meeting also signed an agreement of intent, the enterprise project 12, a total of 6 billion 318 million yuan, the project of banks and enterprises both sides expressed their intention to cooperate actively, most of the projects have entered the information report and bank visited the investigation stage. The results of cooperation of the meeting, will promote the park construction and project construction to provide strong impetus to stimulate Park industrial structure adjustment and stimulate effective investment activity, the development of recycling economy in our province to a new stage.  

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