The Eleventh China Science and Technology Journal Development Forum held in Xining

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By September 23rd, Chinese science and Technology Association and the State Press and Publication Administration jointly organized by the Qinghai provincial science and Technology Association, Qinghai Province Department of culture and news publishing co hosted the Eleventh Chinese journals of science and Technology Development Forum held in Xining. Vice chairman, China association secretary Chen Zhangliang, deputy director of the State Press and Publication Administration of Party members, Wu Shangzhi, the National Natural Science Foundation Director Yang Wei academician, and experts, from the national science and technology journals publishing circles and representatives of more than 380 participants, Qinghai Provincial Committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Ma Shunqing speech.Journal of science and Technology Development Forum Chinese

the forum of the fusion development of "development of science and Technology Periodicals under the new norm as the theme, around the big data, media integration and scientific journals, periodicals of science and technology and science ethics, scientific journals and international development strategy, regional science and technology periodical brand construction and western innovation drive development issues such as extensive exchanges and discussion. The forum is divided into the main report, opening ceremony and forum, special forums, exhibitions, scientific journals of sci-tech periodicals and the editor of science and technology workers face a series of activities, through the Enlightenment of wisdom, in response to the industry concerned, gather positive energy for the reform and development of journals of science and technology to promote the new situation.  

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