Shantytowns 80 thousand and 600 sets of new construction in our province

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shantytowns is an important work to improve people’s livelihood, the development of people’s livelihood, the province will always be placed in a prominent position. 2016, the province’s urban shantytowns task 80 thousand and 200 units, as of now, the new project has started a set of 80 thousand and 600 to complete the annual target task of 100.44%. Completed an investment of 12 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of $300 million over the same period last year, achieved initial results.

over the years, our province at all levels of government to shantytowns as the combination of expanding investment and promote consumption, into the local leadership and leading cadres at all levels of assessment content, through the implementation of the "number one" project, has achieved results. Has issued a "notice" on further accelerate the pace of transformation of shanty towns to ensure the completion of the annual target task and comprehensive improvement of the old residential area "on the content and standard of notice", to accelerate the government purchase services, improve the shed shed the monetized resettlement proportion, put forward specific measures to regulate the old residential renovation work. In order to actively adapt to the new financing mode, in conjunction with the CDB ADBC formulated the "notice" on Further Strengthening the shantytowns loan work, the difficulties and problems in the studio to change the loan put forward specific measures, from the policy level to provide a guarantee to promote the transformation of shanty areas. At the same time, the province of the quality and safety problems in the first place the construction of affordable housing projects, the implementation of the project quality responsibility system and lifelong accountability system, the implementation of the construction system, publicity card permanent signage system and household acceptance system of basic construction procedures, standards and processes, the implementation of "zero tolerance" attitude towards quality the problem.

is to promote the monetized resettlement work throughout the process, through building a shed housing service platform, use of the web site, the housing trade fair, exhibition site, organizing residents free showings in a variety of ways, both supply and demand information exchange, to speed up the pace of the monetized resettlement shed. 2016 to 17 thousand and 600 sets of money to change the placement of the currency, the proportion of currency placement was 21.97%.


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