Xining Railway Station renovation project winter construction plan in order to promote the war going

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December 20th morning, the temperature of minus 15 degrees Celsius, the Xining Railway Station expansion project construction site, the vast expanse of snow covered the entire site.

whether the general speed field elevated station, or underground passage and canopy cap basis, or general speed field parcel channel, winter construction conference battle in full swing, CRCEG Xining Railway Station project manager of the Department of the 54 management personnel and 550 construction workers is fully devoted to various tasks of construction in the whole construction project is in accordance with the plan in an orderly way……

to the end of 2014 to the Xining Railway Station urgent expansion project fully completed and put into operation period, the second half of this year, China Railway Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Xining Railway Station project manager has worked out a detailed construction plan of "winter", on the basis of the Xining winter weather conditions and construction features, in the premise to ensure the construction quality is not discounted, safety, steady, solid and efficient to promote the winter construction process, save time, grasping the progress, efficiency, in order to complete tasks.

reporter was informed that in November 1st this year, the Xining Railway Station started the winter campaign to expand the project, will continue until next year in January 20th.

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project of Xining Railway Station CRCEG Manager Secretary Fan Guoqiang introduced, according to the current construction progress, in the winter, can the main channel structure to ensure normal speed field of elevated station building oblique frame column cap structure, underground structure peaks, pile cap, steel column canopy area to complete the installation, completion of luggage channels winter construction target in the corresponding time node.

in order to ensure that the construction of the winter without a single dense, iron Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Xining Railway Station project manager set up a project manager for the person in charge of the winter construction leading group. Each branch was established their winter construction management team, responsible for their construction area of winter construction work, the implementation of the project of winter construction requirements, strictly control the concrete temperature, curing temperature environment, do insulation measures put in place, the maintenance requirements for environmental compliance, resolutely not concrete".

is a reporter on the scene saw the insulation measures for winter construction of the project in the North: fine elevated station building built a boiler room, the installation of 16 tons / hour hot water boiler water, while the DN100 heating pipes pass into the various parts of the boiler room warm, 24 hours hot water supply, ensure that the temperature of heating pipe is not less than 45 C, heating pipe insulation layer is arranged on the plate structure under 1.2m. Heating pipe horizontal spacing 1000mm hovering layout, under the insulation layer and then according to every 20 square meters layout of a stove, 24 hours of coal combustion heating. The whole scaffold support system of the entire facade with insulation cotton, canvas wrapped tight, effectively ensuring the greenhouses in ambient temperature at 10 DEG C. In addition, in order to ensure the safety of the fire during the winter season, all the water supply pipeline using electric auxiliary heat to ensure that the winter water supply.

at the same time, the concrete internal temperature monitoring using thermocouple temperature tester, in the structure;

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