Xining City North District Court juvenile court to save young people

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7 31 in the morning, north of the city of Xining District Court of the third floor conference room, the eleven defendants juvenile court judge organization and their legal representatives arrived at the scene, and invite the prosecutor and the lawyer representatives, launched a court open up a fresh outlook education forum.
in the court education site, prosecutors according to the case, analyzes the social harmfulness of the behavior of the defendant, the education they consciously accept the punishment, and the excellent character of their growth to be sure, encourage them to face the reality, start with a clean slate. The defender urged the defendant cherish this opportunity, a new life, and consciously accept the community correction. The defendant a profound understanding of the social harmfulness of their behavior, analyzes the different reasons for their own walk on the road of crime, do not recognize the correct world outlook, outlook on life, values and the lack of legal concept, the main reason is on the path of crime, deep regret. The legal representative of the defendant also realized that the defects of family education is the basis for the formation of children’s bad personality, that will draw lessons from the future to strengthen the care and education of children. Finally, the combination of social investigation and trial of the defendant, from parenting is not easy, and the importance of law-abiding illegal crime to the family and society, bring their own pain a few aspects of the accused in court and patient education, in the hope that they can accept the education reform at the same time, carefully thinking how to take the road of life, Study hard and encourage them to return to society, and take practical action to clear my spot, new life, grow into a useful person to society. (author: Feng Hexiu)


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