Frequency divider posing as satellite TV receivers to remind the public to guard against radio

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spent 10 yuan to buy a satellite TV receiver, it will be able to watch foreign TV programs? In August 2nd, 3, there have been people to reflect this, recently, a group of people selling so-called satellite receivers in some areas, such as the morning in Xining, said that the receiver can receive many powerful foreign programs, and even some adults receive Taiwan, actually there is a lie, in fact, the so-called satellite receiver is a divider.

at 9:30 on August 3rd, the reporter saw at the entrance of Labor Park Road, a man is selling the so-called satellite receiver, 10 yuan a. The man claiming to be a company clerk, to the latest high-tech electronic products in Xining cheap to promote the company’s reception function and continuous presentation at the side of the small TV products, there are many television pictures on tv. The man said, will receive this receiver on television, standby for one hour will automatically search for 20 to 30 programs. Reporters came forward to buy one, and then the provincial military region, a communications expert identified. Experts, the so-called satellite receiver is actually a frequency divider, no receiving function. According to insiders, these crooks are generally more cooperation, a demonstration, they will partner with a small satellite TV signal receiver (remote) transmitting a TV signal, when they gave the audience with a partner, the receiver sends out the remote control signal in the dark, the audience can see the TV screen.

reporter learned from the radio and television sector, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Council, no unit or individual without the approval of the competent authorities shall not privately production, sale, installation of satellite TV receiving equipment. Radio and Television Department staff to remind the general public, for such a street scam, the public must guard against the eyes.


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