Piece of practical happiness

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Multi coordination, to help the residents of the area to fight for the rights and interests of the lighting; appropriated funds for the transformation of the old district of natural gas; carefully designed for the beautiful village to add shade…… Drip livelihood of the people, weaving happiness network. Since carrying out the party’s mass line educational practice, Chengdong District adhere to learn while improving and checking, in order to solve the problem of the vital interests of the masses as the foothold, to improve people’s livelihood, do practical activities carried out as a booster "booster", promote social harmony and stability.

beautiful shade around the village. When the summer, into the eastern Linjiaya, Lu Jia Zhuang, Zhuang village, eyeful of clove, Sophora japonica, Rosa xanthina and other plants, the level of well-proportioned, village residents leisure always cool in the shade, laoke. This year, the east district around the beautiful village construction, in order to allow residents to live more comfortable, give full consideration to the effectiveness of residential greening, taking into account the landscape of the arts, scientific planning district greening. At present, three village, a total investment of about 1000000 yuan, the implementation of greening of 5280 square meters, planted more than 4 thousand and 500 trees of various types of piers (strain), perennial flowers (strain), 1100 pier species collocation by city garden planting combined with construction of publicity galleries, public facilities, sports entertainment and leisure facilities, a beautiful village full of vitality.

to resolve conflicts, urging harmony. Zhou Jia Quan community actively coordinated the developers and Planning Bureau solves the Public Street No. 186 Building No. 3 East three Yu Jiayuan 48 people lighting rights. Railway Station community to actively coordinate the five Bureau of China Railway Project Department of the fourth, to help more than 30 migrant workers in Sichuan returned to their hard-earned money.  

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