2012 Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department to complete the practical project

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Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department to deliver early commitment to do things for the project as an important task of the construction of grass-roots organizations, as the embodiment of cadres contact masses at the grassroots level, combined with the grassroots reality, and actively integrate various resources, raising nearly 140 yuan, completed 10 extra early commitment to do things for the project, so that the majority of grassroots party members and the masses benefit, further reinforce the foundation of the party’s grassroots organizations.

strengthen party care, reflecting the warmth of the party. To raise funds for the city’s 273 villages, community party organization, deputy secretary of the village (neighborhood) Authority Deputy Director of the free medical examination; issued 600 yuan per person subsidies party work as Deputy Secretary of the city’s community Secretary of the party organization, to raise funds 225 thousand yuan; condolences, visit condolences to the difficulties of life members, old members and outstanding Party members 2177 people.

Chinese learning materials, to provide intellectual support. For the city’s non-public economic organizations and social organizations of the party organization subscription of "Enterprise Forum", "Qinghai party party’s life", "abstract" and other publications of Party members; for the city’s city and county leaders and relevant departments in charge of the order of the government "fine management", "detail decides success or failure" and other fine learning materials; the financing of 200 thousand yuan donated books to the socialist core value system for the city’s 20 party demonstration school; about 100000 yuan to raise funds to the part of the grass-roots party organization presented a party book.

highlight training services to improve the quality of cadres. Relying on the Xining rural Party member cadre education and training practice base, held the party members in rural areas become rich hotshot training class of 40 rural Party members to become rich hotshot entrepreneurial skills training; organization of non-public economy responsible for grasping non-public party to promote business development, business activities of enterprises "Party Building Research; from staff" outstanding lectures into the campus instructors to Chengdong District, Chengzhong District, west district belongs to primary school and middle school in the 16 lectures to carry out activities; the integration of cyber source, open up "xiadou red flag" dedicated channel in the cable TV network, broadcast party comprehensive education program.

strengthen financial security, solid foundation. Financing 140 thousand yuan for the city’s 9 street communities, villages and towns in rural areas, organs and institutions grassroots party organizations to subsidize the work of Party building. Improve the construction of the city’s village level work ledger, through the form of the award in the form of support, chase, Huangzhong, 4 villages in the activities of the venue standardized layout. (author: Xiao Liu)

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