Through the Ministry of water resources to review the Xining national water ecological pilot cities

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The day before, the success of the city of Xining through the review of the Ministry of water resources, has become one of the 45 pilot city water ecological civilization construction. Through the pilot construction, will promote the construction of water-saving society and ecological civilization construction.

although Qinghai province is located at the source of Sanjiang, "Chinese water tower", but affected by geographical environment and other factors, in recent years, shortage of water resources is more and more serious, the water resources amount to 62 billion 930 million cubic meters, accounting for only 2.2% of the total water resources in china. The province especially in Huangshui River Basin appeared the serious water shortage, water resources per capita in our city occupies only the per capita amount of 1/3, while the Xining city water resources per capita is only 41 cubic meters, are extremely dry areas. In recent years, the city has implemented a water-saving irrigation project, the transformation of industrial water-saving projects, urban water supply pipe network renovation project, water environment management projects, so that the water ecological environment has been greatly improved.

in 2006 the city was listed as the second national water-saving society construction pilot area, through pilot construction, water change concept and improve the utilization efficiency of water resources from extensive water resources waste of water resources and pollution to the conservation of water resources and the gradual implementation of total control, quota management system, to obtain from nature without restraint. To the harmony between man and nature, to realize the transformation of the sustainable utilization of water resources.

is included in the national water ecological civilization pilot city, marking the city water ecological civilization construction has been raised to a new height, the relevant state ministries in project support, funding arrangements and other aspects be inclined to focus on the city. On the basis of full consideration of water resources and water environment, the city will make reasonable planning objectives and tasks, and earnestly implement the pilot project of water ecological civilization city construction. (author: Xiao Yan)


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