West Village Community Party Organization

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West District to promote the village (community) party organization election. As of now, the village (community) party election work has been completed, a large number of outstanding talents recognized by the masses, party organization trust, assured selected village (community) party organization team, for the next phase of the village (neighborhood) committee election to lay a solid foundation.
the village (community) party general election to take "two push an election" and "direct election" manner, there are 8 villages, 13 communities to take "two push an election, 4 villages, 8 community direct election". The village (community) through open enrollment, democratic recommendation, vote of confidence, the organization and Party Congress held direct election procedures, has elected a new session of Party members of the team 132. Among the 74 members of the re-election, the total number of 56.1%. 17 people with college culture, with a college culture of the people of 20, high school and secondary school culture of the people of the 54. College and college education accounted for 28.6% of the total number of people, compared with the previous increase of 3.6 percentage points. Female members 80, compared with the previous increase of 6.3 percentage points. It is reported that

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