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is a difficult one, help comes from all quarters. April 20th 8 minutes, Sichuan City, Lushan Province earthquake occurred in the magnitude of 7. Disaster affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of people, affecting the hearts of the people of the plateau city.

"Ya’an hold on! Ya’an strong!"

the evening of April 21st, Xining city center square, wearing a yellow vest summer volunteer service team and hundreds of people around with a heart-shaped pattern and candle spell "4· 20 Sichuan" candlelight, holding a candle, together for the Ya’an earthquake disaster areas compatriots blessing, mourning for the victims of the earthquake.

"3 pm today, Qinghai summer volunteers will be at the center of the square of fund-raising activities for the Sichuan disaster areas in Ya’an, and after 8 p.m. in the central square to pray for the disaster, please actively participate in." On the morning of 21, Qinghai Bao Chun car sales Services Limited launched the initiative, this message widely circulated in the summer volunteer group, 3 in the afternoon, volunteers have come to the center square, Hung said "Ya’an and Qinghai together, to pray for the disaster" banner, and for the donation.

"I received the news rushed to the scene, a difficult one, help comes from all quarters, we are all brothers and sisters, our hearts and people together." Xie said in the health system work.

"we pray with gratitude, rescue work carried out smoothly, the number of casualties in the disaster area will not rise again." Volunteers, the highway toll clang said.

after the disaster, the people of Xining deeply concerned about the situation in the disaster area. Many people are helping the people of Xining in Sichuan to understand the situation in the disaster area, concerned about their loved ones in Ya’an. In Xining, a pharmacy work of Li Yahui said, "after the earthquake I call home, my home in Sichuan relatives are safe, my heart is hanging down, colleagues and friends concerned about these two days I was touched."

working in the office of Aman Chang said: "the Yushu earthquake, the country has so many people come to the rescue, donations, to help rebuild, let me have deep feeling." He said, with all the children of the Yellow Emperor, after a disaster, it should be the first time to lend a helping hand to show the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, if necessary, I will go to the area to participate in disaster relief, as a little bit.

when the Ya’an disaster area in urgent need of clothing, food, mineral water and other necessities, sanitation workers, Chao Yan and her sisters have a helping hand, took out their savings to buy mineral water, instant noodles are sent to the disaster area, the expression of a token of their own.

community worker Liu Li said: "Yushu earthquake, the National People’s Our wills unite like a fortress. money money, Youlichuli, Yushu, gave great support, just three years, a new Yushu show in front of us. Adversity is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, I believe Ya’an will tide over the difficulties, pray for Ya’an!"

is willing to live in peace, the rest of the dead. Also pray;

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