Baidu had registered by a brand of condoms

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following "a central", "Super Girls", "Baidu" has become a brand of condoms.

through the trademark registration procedures for more than 3 years, a Shenzhen company received the "Baidu" trademark registration certificate in 1 this month, and for the production and sale of condoms, the reporter was informed yesterday, with "Baidu" as the name of the condom will enter the market.

so, frequent occurrence of trademark events of the condom industry, why also eyeing the Baidu Inc Baidu? What was the attitude of


3 years to obtain trademark

after more than 3 years of waiting, a company in Shenzhen has finally achieved "Baidu" trademark registration certificate.

yesterday morning, the reporter linked to the registered trademark "Baidu" the success of a company in Shenzhen. Liu told reporters that he was on his way to Guangzhou, he was ready to launch this year, the 9 day of the Guangzhou Cultural Festival, Baidu condom brand. In 2005 April, Mr. Zhang began to apply for "Baidu" brand of condoms, after more than 3 years, he finally got from the National Trademark Office trademark registration certificate, and the horse, "Baidu" for the production and sale of condoms.

for this product publicity, the company played a "hard to find" slogan.


" pedigree

In addition, Mr. Liu also told reporters that the company is not only registered Baidu, including Phoenix TV and other brands can be seen on the market at present, are operated by the company and registered by the

. Then again, what is the reason for the company will be well-known brands for many people for having heard it many times in the production and sale of condoms? In this regard, Mr. Liu said his reason. For "Baidu", which he believes will register it as a brand of condoms did not humiliate and spoof Baidu Inc means, "we just think" Baidu "two words is very suitable for this industry, as our slogan says," hard to find ", so I used the ‘Baidu’ two word."

Baidu Inc has not yet declared

yesterday, the reporter called Baidu Inc headquarters in Beijing, but has been unable to contact the main person in charge. Subsequently, the reporter also found a Baidu Shenyang promotion company, a customer service staff after listening to the general situation, that the company violated the interests of Baidu Shenzhen. But then she changed, said this is only his personal opinion, not on behalf of the company. She also said that the company is currently in charge of the main person is not, it can not be interviewed by reporters, and took the initiative to write down the reporter’s phone, said the manager came back after contact. At present this "cybersquatting wind", who will be locked for a goal? Yesterday, when the reporter contacted Mr. Liu again, he said: "this is a secret, or not to say as well."

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