Zhuxi plans to promote one million yuan to promote the innovation of village cadres

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there are a lot of people will have entrepreneurial ideas, especially now in some rural areas, some village cadres for leading entrepreneurs have given great support, at the same time, they also carried out a series of entrepreneurship training.

1331, the county government each year to support 100 village cadres for 3 consecutive years to support entrepreneurship, 300 village cadres, the founder of cooperatives, family farms, farm development, planting base, forest base, characteristics of breeding base, agricultural products processing enterprises, more than 300 rural brokers, promote the nearest village cadres entrepreneurial innovation, leading 10000 people to get rich.

for the county each year and 1 million yuan of funds, the establishment of the county village cadres entrepreneurship support program loans from special funds, development and reform, finance, by letter, science and technology, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and other units of the elite forces, the formation of support service group of village cadres guidelines recommend entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial projects, making a number of startups the innovation of village cadres project library, according to the demand of entrepreneurship training, actively carry out business tracking service.



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