What are the main business skills to open the shop franchise

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clothing industry has always been very popular in the industry, many entrepreneurs choose the industry, competition is large, with the rise of the apparel industry, more and more entrepreneurs have chosen to open a clothing store. In fact, it is easy to open a shop, it is difficult to store the latter management and management. After the successful opening of a store, if not a good operation and management, it will not bring good business, so it will not bring any profit. For the start of the operation of the business franchise shop this problem, to introduce you.


determine the crowd flow

first of all, you have to know where people are going, not just over there, like a breakfast shop where the office workers are going to be. You can spend a lot of time, calculate the morning afternoon and evening periods in the local target area of interest to the crowds, the number of statistics into the nearby shops, look after the people, workers, students, housewives and proportion, at least at the weekend and the Ping said once, in order to know the distribution the crowd really.



has a pre selection of pocket locations, the second step is to inspect the surrounding environment, then use the perspective of the two to observe, the merchant’s point of view: what signs show that the site can create performance? Secondly, from the customer’s point of view: will you go to the store? There are lots of gold popular corner, sub district is a popular place for the most taboo stronghold, only to see the success of others, just like in the next copy of a shop, unless you have to grasp their own differences.

good neighbors make you less fighting

clothing stores customers that are adjacent to each other stores, is quite similar, so the quality of the goods, with a similar brand is located is very important in the same place, because some location strategy is to "parasitic". In the big department store next to the clothing store, opened in the supermarket next to the vitality of the food store, attracted by the big brand customers will be attracted by you.

also, if we can meet some like video rental stores, or dry cleaners such as high-quality neighbors that better, because these stores have a "two visit" opportunity, people send out the laundry, every few days will come back; post office, supermarket is also good at this boomerang if you can, stick to their light, that your business is definitely a big plus.

All the contents above

may still have many deficiencies, I hope you don’t mind, can contain, after the above for entrepreneurs to open clothing stores operating tips, for friends who want to open a clothing store, I believe there are more understanding. Business clothing stores, in operation, there are many techniques to recommend

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