What are the small knife face brand advantage

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also asked: "I heard that small investors face to ask to join a good knife, small knife face is what kind of food and beverage brands, is an independent brand catering or affiliated to the company of the project?" A small army of Luoyang Catering Management Company Limited is a business pasta Halal Restaurant chain (main features: manual Sliced noodles, steamed, braised beef fried pot in the small market characteristics of chicken, charcoal barbecue, exquisite dish, homemade beef salad, special cooking, rinse tripe, boiled tofu skin). Small knife face was founded in 1988, is the predecessor of the Youth Palace small knife face rinse tripe founder, has always insisted on quality and service quality in the past 20 years, has a unique taste, thin face slip band, thick soup delicious " surface to poly (knife), all good, wonderful.

small knife face to join?

small knife surface first store is located in Luoyang City, Zhongzhou Road East of the Old City Youth Palace, covering an area of 150 square meters, after years of exploration and research practice, truly fresh meat, soup, gluten, color and flavor characteristics of the United States, the majority of consumers, but also won a series of Honors: April 2002 is China green Catering Association awarded the delicacy delicacy shops; in 2006 by the Luoyang City Cuisine Association named city famous snack. Small knife face how? What are the advantages?

What are the


saber face?

, a small investment, fast recovery of funds, the risk of small: small face with strong health saber belongs to the characteristics of noodles, in general, more than 99% business cash recovery rate, in normal operation, in general 1-3 months to recover the full investment

two, competitive products: small knife surface features and meet all " eat for health, in the pursuit of " pasta catering market competitiveness.

three, the cost is low: small knife surface museum project of small and specialized, convenient management, low cost. Because professional, noodle shop in business personnel costs, operating costs relative to other food and beverage form a lot of low cost.

four, lucrative: pot surface is about 75% gross margin.

five, the successful model of small knife surface to its professional, system model, the franchisee will soon be able to separate easily, not detours.

Support for

six system: providing market publicity and promotion plan, help the franchisee to determine the target market, the company sent a professional instructor assist business and not regular guidance to help solve the problems of management. As well as the technical personnel of each post >

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