See how to get rid of the road to start their own takeaway ecological road

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16 years have ended more than ten days, of course, the annual summary report of various industries are still continuing. Shortly before yiou hosted the 2016 annual conference of the second session of the innovators innovation award ceremony, eliminated Lang as the only catering enterprises, won the most innovative award. Eliminated Lang was founded in March 2015, the main explosive products, model innovation, customer positioning precision, high degree of standardization, one hour service…… Only set up more than a year to get it real fund investment and innovation workshops, sales ahead of competitors in the same industry.

see how to get rid of the road to start their own takeaway ecological road

but the elimination of Lang founder Zhao Zikun ambitions and more than this: This is just the first step, make the elimination of the takeaway is the goal of ecological." According to Zhao Zikun revealed that in 2017 the elimination of Lang will be based on the successful operation of the original business model on the basis of large-scale brand promotion. One of the most important step is to sign a star endorsement for the new year, the expansion of the hot pot Market and the development of multi category support. Star endorsement for the food is very cautious, but the effect can be brought to speak of food is likely to be phenomenal, such as drama in a fried chicken beer can detonate circle of friends. Co star agrees with the concept of the brand awareness, reputation and influence in the minds of consumers establish anchor has a great effect, so the star aura and fan interactive effect will upgrade the brand promotion for the elimination of Lang great power.

takeaway demand in the Chinese market is very large, but the lack of brand, eliminate Lang to do is one of China’s largest takeaway brand. Out of the future to take the next few cities to cover the city, to allow more people whenever and wherever they can eat to rest assured that the standardization of takeaway food products, the Star cut into the rapid expansion of visibility, but also based on this."

customer decision model, the model determines the category

to do a business, first of all to study the user portrait. According to Baidu Nuomi data, 58% of food and beverage consumption by 25-34 years old young consumers contribute, the consumption of food and beverage by 18-34 years of age, young consumers contribute to 85%. Food consumption of the top 5% users, for consumers aged 25-34. Mobile Internet era, 80, 90 has become the main force of food and beverage consumption, and in the first tier cities, there are more than 30% of consumers will eat dinner at 8 p.m..

out of the initial goal for the young people, hard work, there is a dream, there is a certain degree of spending power, due to the relatively tense working relationship, but also the pursuit of quality of life. According to the characteristics of this part of the crowd, Zhao Zikun and Lang team made 99 yuan out of the standard Hot pot package, Business Hours covering the dinner and supper, and to provide users with a cooker and the fuel, the perfect solution for all the pain points. When Lang was founded,

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