Mai Lianji taste not the same feeling of delicious lunch

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said that China’s culture, casually come up with a point is endless, and today we are a simple food and beverage industry, said. China food culture history, the "culture" can become an independent school record, the noodles began in the Han Dynasty, the name of the "noodle" was born, so called "pasta cake", because the noodles are cooked, also known as the "soup cake". Wheat Lianji flavor food, its products with nutrition, delicious and popular with consumers.

Lianji taste Chinese wheat   not the same delicious feeling

Mai Lianji taste in a restaurant sauce beef. Beef taste is moderate, not too old to bite, not to chew without tender. But the best or hidden in the beef below the tofu, fully absorb the essence of the gravy. The plate is equipped with all kinds of fruit cut into spherical shell, the Dragon make the dish with salad sauce, the level of detail even five star hotels are incomparable.

Mai Lianji Taste Restaurant Beijing duck, the duck is probably have dishes, the restaurant is a sign. The duck skin quality and standards are very high, even the dough, the sauce is impeccable. Duck skeleton can be used to make salt and pepper duck frame, is also very satisfactory.

Mai Lianji taste Chinese bearing the oriental culture, learn advanced concepts to provide value for money for the consumer characteristics of delicacy. The company has gathered a wealth of experience in the management of outstanding personnel and engaged in the production of corn wire technology and business guidance · marketing planning and management consulting. To ensure the good operation of each franchise, in order to join the technology to build a platform for entrepreneurs to become rich platform, so that investors with minimal investment, to get the maximum return.

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