Ten thousand yuan worth of beef from any cause

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Everyone want to eat beef noodles

winter hot bowl of beef noodles, believe countless bowls, but this bowl of beef noodles price was 10 thousand yuan, why is it?

11 17 months, sponsored by the reputation of the network, "the network operators in the world" with "word of mouth? By ingenuity" food summit held in Beijing. The summit to "originality" as the theme, attracted thousands of participants catering, catering to the mobile Internet era Chinese development road. Daddy beef cattle from Taiwan founder Wang Congyuan speech, to share the cow dad is how to through a shop, 4 tables, set up a popular bursting noodle.

The following is


me at all costs, to find the world’s best beef extract, the most suitable for the beef part, repeated test. In this way, at a cost of 100 million yuan. In terms of pricing, originally I was going to price 100 thousand yuan, then the views of the guests is $10 thousand.

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