Suining returned home to create an army of 3 billion production value

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China’s overall entrepreneurial environment continues to improve, investment entrepreneurs are no longer just aimed at large and medium cities, two or three tier cities and even rural areas to become the preferred area of investment. The government continues to encourage migrant workers and college students to participate in the activities of returning home through the improvement of public services and tax relief.

10 28, the reporter learned from the Suining municipal human resources and social sector, nearly the past three years, the city of Suining cited a total of returning home to start the entrepreneurial staff of 10418 people, led by the employment of 36831 people, the output value of 2 billion 989 million yuan. At present, Suining has built three home business (incubation) park, the emergence of family vineyards, far to e-commerce and a large number of home business models.

for returning home for a long period of time, personnel in the course of business may feel both familiar with home "and" strange ", so entrepreneurs need to be clear what product is the local market needs, in the government under the guidance of market analysis to understand the market, improve the return of power into business, in order to realize the promotion of entrepreneurship employment, for the benefit of my hometown, for the benefit of future generations.

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