The network business how to see through the scam

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is now the major industries have a variety of scams, the network is a lot of fraud scam, a careless, it is possible to cheat money two empty. In this context, if we want to through the network business, also need to have a natural ability to see through the scam. So, how to see through the scam network business?

"network business", also known as the "higher", referring to the Internet to make money. For many of the recent fraud by means of "network business" cloak of deception succeeded repeatedly, Xiaobian teach you to use 8 methods to identify illegal network business.

Internet business fraud is a common scam

According to

reports, according to the information currently available, "network business" in the most the most fool is "join" information, without exception, claimed that the low investment market is huge, "money" light, even if seriously entrepreneurs want to tell exactly one, this is just a "hype" and "contract dispute", when entrepreneurs do not appeal to. In addition, the use of pyramid schemes in the Internet business, in order to create traffic in the name of the Internet business fraud is a common scam.

8 ways to identify fraud

method 1: check the site’s registration information. In the domain name registration website to check such a network entrepreneur domain name registrant, and then through the industrial and commercial registration website to check whether its business information is true, thus to verify its authenticity. Can also check the website have ICP business logo, Alipay trust business logo or business license etc..

method two: check whether the publicity of the site is practical. There is no denying that some network business opportunities will make people rich in the short term, but the network to make money with money as ordinary, there are pains have only one income, there is no a chance to let thousands on thousands of people rich overnight. So those who tell you how much money to pay, according to his way of operation, a month will be able to easily earn tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of the general is otherwise.

method three: check the site has not announced detailed business address, telephone number and online customer service, etc.. In general, the normal operation of the site will be their business address, telephone number published, there are online customer service, customer contact. The fraud website for some purpose is often not to be divulged, did not dare to publish their detailed address and telephone.

method four: check the website for feedback effects. General fraud network business website only care about money, because the only purpose is to get money. In this regard, you can try to put forward a do not have to do with money, but they are involved in the construction of the site, or management

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