Analysis of the reasons and solutions of the store keeping

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believes that many stores have such experience, although the customer into the store, but after a stroll soon gone shopping before selling, business is bad, so why the customer into the store to go?

1, why customers do not want to listen to the introduction of shopping guide?

2, why no matter how hard the shopping guide to no avail?

3, why do customers just stroll around?

4 why do customers always deal with us just look at


1, we have to enter the cordial welcome customers into the store to feel comfortable, do not let customers at once and we have a strange sense, sense of doubt and sense of distance;

2, the opportunity to identify close to customers. In fact, the customer into the store when there is a certain purpose, before they have not found or not found before the goal, make yourself slightly interested in products, shopping guide customers in advance the scope of thinking and even the introduction of products often chatter without stop, the current psychological rejection by customers……

to silence customer must give customers a choice space, including time and space and physical space. If you say this again: Sir, what can I help you? It will bring some pressure to the customer, the customer said, "look at the first look". Analysis: in the welcome after the guide should be independent to the customer browsing time of 10-20 seconds, and this time is the guide for the stage, under normal circumstances, in this short period of time, the silent type customer will appear the following 5 cases:

A, open the showcase product;

B, always look at the same goods or similar goods;

C, read the goods to see the shopping guide;


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