Ways to avoid the loss of entrepreneurs big secret

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entrepreneurs choose to a project, will continue to invest, regardless of whether the project for you, really able to bring profits, after the first investment, simply can not stop, they have completely lost myself. The following small series to give you some how to avoid the loss of their own in the entrepreneurial process, always keep a clear approach!

I a once in Entrepreneurship friend recently also created his own company in the business and academic field has had many years of experience and research he finally decided to leave the ivory tower and embark on the road of their own business. Two weeks ago, we eat together, perhaps the reason for the previous career, he asked me a question: how to ensure that entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process, not lost in the center of self and can not extricate themselves?

I think the

1,   don’t ask yourself: what would they do if they were someone else?

2,   adhere to the most basic principles.

In fact very simple commercial

. You spend a certain cost to buy today (production, discovery and invention) something, then tomorrow at a higher price to sell it, you will make money, everything else will take second place. Don’t waste your money on things that aren’t good for your company’s growth. Don’t always show off on the internet.

3,   your main focus is to make the company run well.

4, learn to love conflict.

the inevitable conflict of the entrepreneurial process will encounter a variety of, but don’t always avoid them. When you have to choose one of the two customers, you get it

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