How to manage the florist is better

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florist can be seen everywhere, a lot of people want to engage in the flower shop business, then how to manage the flower shop will make money? Xiao Bian this text for everyone to carry out a detailed introduction, only a detailed understanding, so that we can get a better income.

flower industry is the peak seasons, usually every year in September to next May for the flower season, during the teacher’s day, Mid Autumn Festival, National Day, Christmas, new year’s day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Valentine’s day, women’s day, mother’s day, the festival and other important sales of flowers Festival, how business shop to make money? And from June to August between the only children’s day, father’s day, army day, the Qixi Festival consumer spending habits of flowers Festival, called off-season flowers.

florist and flower shop usually communicate with friends, almost all the florist friends said 6-8 shop can guarantee this is good ", carefully pondering a moment, there are two main reasons: first, because of the off-season, flowers Festival, the flowers sales situation is not ideal; (this also is the most important reason) two most of the country, the weather is hot, fresh flowers difficulty rising, and supply the origin of flowers quality decreased obviously, resulting in a huge loss to increase the cost of the florist flowers. How to manage the florist is better? Of course, the rent is not because of your poor business down, obviously, profit during the years old to this, and if so, the novice shop? Why don’t we avoid the "extraordinary"


conclusion: the best time to open a flower shop is September of each year in the year of August.

have said: August is not the off-season?, but only a month, in this month, the florist novice can first be familiar with the industry, fully prepared season plan, have what problem is easy to solve, if you wait until the season and then rush, it affects the reputation of the shop. How to manage the florist is better? Some people may say: I do not open before the Spring Festival, of course, but you missed a few important festivals.

as a retail shop, should explore their own advantages, such as geographical advantages, service advantages and comfortable shopping environment, the higher the level of flower, to create their own brand.

how to operate a florist is better? I think a very important point, is to improve the level of employees in the floral shop. At present, operators should be based on customer demand and the actual situation of the local, continue to introduce new, make their own characteristics. How to run the shop to make money? Florist business products, must not have not associated with flower products, especially in the summer flower sales season, but can not do so, otherwise the images will be a florist.

above is about how the florist

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